Georgina Hunt paints the Canadian landscape

Georgina Hunt paints the Canadian landscape that she loves. The Canadian Rockies, the west coast forest,and the varied landscape of British Columbia provide the inspiration for her work.

Georgina grew up in Winnipeg Manitoba. From an early age quiet time was spent drawing. Subjects varied but as a little girl it was dogs and horses. Teachers soon learned the best way to keep her occupied in school was to engage her in an art project that would take a lot of time. Her first mural in grade 2 spanned the back wall of the classroom. In high school she was the first female to be allowed in the graphic arts program. Painting was the next adventure and has become her life time passion.

Georgina’s outdoor experience in Manitoba ranged from bike rides into the grassy fields behind her home and trips to cottage country. Being outside- whether it was watching a prairie thunderstorm, seeing the Milky Way while on the beach shore or climbing a tree to watch the world go by – was really a vital part of who she was.

The natural environment that had been home to Georgina was about to dramatically change. After graduating university with a major in environmental studies, Georgina married and moved out to the West Coast with her husband.

“It was on that trip that I fell in love with the Rockies.”

Today Georgina spends her time hiking those mountains, walking in the coastal forests and wandering the shorelines near her home.

"The mountains are a fascination for me. The moods, the ever changing drama of light caused by their strong connection to the clouds that cloak them. The power that they display and the challenges they invite you into captivate me. The cool moist air in the forest makes you take a deep breath compelling you to take in the living spirit that is there – the breath of the wind, the crunch of the leaves and the sounds of the creatures that live there. Crashing waves and the sounds of falling water bids you to stay awhile and listen."

The emotions fueled by the Canadian wilderness is the driving force behind her art work. ”In my studio I try to use that strong connection that develops while hiking and put those feelings on canvas so that others might connect to the nature around them.”

The majority of her art education has been practice, practice and more practice. As her career advanced she took theory courses at Emily Carr. And to further her development Georgina started going to workshops. She worked under Robert Genn, Liz Wiltzen and other artists that the Federation of Canadian Artists brought in. The benefits other than the comradery and energy that the other artists brought was the exposure to new ways of expression. Doing studio work in the atelier method of drawing has also helped to train her eye and improve her painting skills.

"In my studio it is all about discovery. It is important that I continue to grow and allow my artist skills to mature. I was told by Robert Genn that I move effortlessly between the right and left side of my brain (a good thing for an artist). I start with an idea and I then allow the painting to develop often into something quite different than what was planned. In an effort to push myself out of my comfort zone and also drive my creativity forward I continue to experiment. Working with transparent colours and glazes opens up a completely new way of looking at colour. I try different mediums, colours, and surfaces to bring more of the excitement that I want in my work."

Her paintings are in private collections across the U.S. and Canada, Scotland, England and Chile. Her work can be seen at the Willock and Sax Gallery in Banff and Gallery 88 in Vancouver.

“Art – inspired by nature, born of the soul.”

~Hap Hagood

Georgina Hunt Painting Georgina Hunt Artist